Kudos to Bedlam Theater for hosting the Def Poetics 2010 series

The writing circles and series will return in 2012 •

Here are some of the ’10 highlights.

RIFF Features: Ink Tea (MN Microphone), Truthmaze, Matt Pieken (3 Minute Egg), Ibe Kaba (Atlantic Rock), Sarah Jo, Poetic Assassins (Sai Werd), Ruth Kohtz, Saymoukda Vongsay (Mooks). OPEN MIC Guest: Reggie Edmunds.

A fresh take on an open mic. Hosted and produced by Twin Cities duo E.G. Bailey + Sha Cage (MNSWA). This new monthly event happens at Bedlam Theater, every first Wednesday. It features the below listed four components in what promises to be a mix of humor, literary rendering, interesting guests, music, plus food + beverage.

From the Curators: ‘We’ve produced mics, shows, slams and more but felt the Twin Cities was missing a cross-generational/cross cultural/cross genre event like this that brings together some of the finest word artists, youth, legendaries, musicians, performers, lit folks, and even some unknowns that are all doing fine things in their separate worlds. We’re excited about a space where the two of us can also continue to preview our own works and feature some of the incredible people we’ve grown to know as fellow artists, friends, and pioneers. A space that helps cultivate a ‘fresh/ new/ innovative’ mode of expression – yet reminds us all to ‘play, laugh, and take risks.’ We are hoping audiences will be a mix of the average Joe, the girl next door, ground-breaking artists, literary hipsters, young students, and spoken word artists, versus just word artists or just theater artists. You get the point. It also ends early unlike most mics which gives folks a chance to make it home early, attend another event or just chill and network with other artists from different worlds. We’ll start monthly and if the interest is there we’ll feature it more often, or less often. We’ll keep refining it as we go and feel confident that it can easily become the new ‘place to be’ and see new artist/in new light.’ – Sha + E.G.

Components include:
#1 Guest Artist RIFFs: 6 pre-invited guests from different genres are invited to rift/rant/perform/or re-invent a previously SELECTED ‘word’. What we see is both serious, gut busting-humorous and sometimes uncomfortable.  #2. A short Open Mic: 8 slots, half go to folks that participate in the free writing workshop and the other half to first come first serve. One reserved for a special guest. #3 SPOTLIGHT: E.G. + Sha feature an interesting artist in the Twin Cities, or one passing through, shine the bright lights on them, and let the community know what they have done/are doing/or will be doing. #4 Free Writing/Performance Workshop: Its a short free workshop for those serious and interested in getting ideas or trying out a new piece. Ruth Kohtz lends a hand (or two) to guiding this component along with Sha. Open to youth and adults. For more information email: sha.mnswa@gmail.com.

6:00 – 8:00 pm
5:30-6:00pm – Free Writing/Performance Workshop
(Led by Ruth Kohtz, Sha Cage)
6:00 – 8:00 – Open Mic, Riffs + Spotlight
6:30pm – free snacks
$2 suggested donation (no one turned away)

Bedlam Theatre, 1501 – 6th Street South
Minneapolis, MN 55454-1162 • (612) 341-1038

(in recognition of Women’s History Month’

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